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Eat plenty of antioxidant-rich fresh fruits and vegetables, especially onions, garlic, carrots, tomatoes, broccoli, cabbage and cauliflower
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Your best online source for Herbal Breast Pill recommendations and reviews for Breast Enhancement. Please take a look at the all of different choices that are available, and read the reviews to learn about the best Breast Enlargement Pills on the market.

The testimonials here are just a sampling of what customers have experienced with different herbal breast enlargement products. Not all products are represented here, however we have provided testimonials for as many products as possible. Products are listed in alphabetic order and are in no other specific order. Please contact us if you have taken herbal breast pills, and let us know what changes (if any) you have experienced as a result. We like to gather as much information as possible and from as many sources as possible on all herbal breast pills.
Beauti-full - Customer Testimonials
"I have had extremely small breasts all my life. I have always felt I would be more confident with a slightly bigger bust. Well I was right! I tried Beauti-full for a 6 month cycle, and my chest is now bigger than I ever imagined! I feel so much better about myself than I ever did before."

"Thanks to the Herbal Foundation, I felt very informed about all the different herbal pills that are available. I made a wise choice for myself, and this website made it easy and simple to understand the pros and cons of different products. I took Beauti-full breast pills for 4 months and my breasts increased in size 1 full cup. I cannot tell you how lucky I feel to have found this review site that led me to these fantastic herbal pills!

"I never really developed in my teen years. My bust has always been an extremely flat "A" cup size. I tried padded bras, which were uncomfortable and made me feel like a big pretender. I even considered getting implants, but got scared off by one too many horror stories. Well thankfully I came across Beauti-full. I took the pills daily for approximately 4 months with a proper diet, and saw a stunning difference in my breast size! I feel so much more confident and self-assured now. I get approached by men much more, and I feel so much more social. Its pretty amazing what adding a little bust size will do for a woman’s life."

- Customer Testimonials

"I have been using Breast-rx for just 1 month and I am happy with the results! My breasts are more firm and full, and I'm really happy with that for the moment. I am 53 years old and it will probably take more time with older breasts. Anyway, I'm excited with the results after this short testing time! By the way, I am in the middle of menopause and I have noticed that the pills even give an ease to those symptoms. I have fewer heat flashes and I am sleeping more soundly. I will keep you updated. Thanks!"

"I just wanted to let you know that I used Breast-rx for about 3 months. I noticed an increase in both size and firmness. But being a single mom, I ran into some financial problems and couldn't order any more of your product. Luckily, I have not seen any kind of "shrinkage" and it's been several months since I stopped using it. I wanted to let your customers know that your product really does work and you don't lose the increase in size once you've stopped taking it! I'll order more as soon as I can!"

"I wanted a breast enlargement pill that would work fast and effectively. I thought Breast-Rx was the perfect pill for me after reading on the Herbal Foundation website that this herbal pill is very potent and can cause side effects because it is so potent. I didn't care, I wanted my breasts to be naturally fuller for the summer. Luckily, I didn't experience any bad side effects. My breasts grew 2 cup sizes in 3 months! By June, my breasts were full and firm. I am so grateful that I found a product that helped me feel confident about my body."

Firmestra - Customer Testimonials
"Firmestra has truly lived up to its promises so far. Within the first week of taking it I noticed my boobs were more tender, so I knew it was working. I was so excited! Now I am proud to say that I am a very full A, maybe even a B cup after taking the product for 1 month. I can't wait to see how much more they'll change. "

"I now fit into a 36C bra. I used to wear a 34B. My sex drive is almost in overdrive, as my husband says. I didn't say anything to him about what I was taking and when I told him, he was being supportive and enjoying my breasts and sex drive. At times I've almost exhausted him. I absolutely love my new look and the fact that my breasts are 100% real!"

"I bought firmestra because the Herbal Foundation provided me with all the information I needed to make a smart decision. This product not only made my breasts firmer and fuller (2 inches bigger in 6 months), when I take these pills, I have a stronger sex drive and better climaxes than ever and I'm 45 years old! Thanks for all your help!"

Just Naturally - Customer Testimonials

"I just want to let anyone who is looking for a natural way to increase the size of their breasts know that my best friend and I took Just Naturally breast pills for 4 months and we BOTH have great results!  I went from a medium A cup to a full B. She went from a full B to a full C! This product worked for both of us. I can say from our experiences that Just Naturally is very effective and caused only positive side effects. In addition to larger breasts, my hair and nails grew faster too! I highly recommend this product. Check out the product reviews and description on this website!"


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