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Breast Enlargement Shapes

Anatomy of the female Breast

How to choose a bra

When choosing a bra for heavy breasts, make sure it has flat well-padded under cup wiring and wide elasticized straps that gives support to the centers of the breasts. Small breasts can be enhanced with the help of highly padded bras. Now the question is will the breasts sag, if you do not wear a bra? The sagging is due to slackening of the supporting muscles, and is more possible if the breasts are heavy. Wearing a well-fitting bra will delay sagging for little while. Always wear a good supporting bra during exercises, running, jogging and pregnancy. Exercising neither reduces the size of heavy breasts, nor do helps increase its size. Swimming is an excellent exercise for the bust shape and it strengthens the muscles. This is reason by swimmers have wonderfully shaped bust line.

During pregnancy and the period of breast-feeding, the breasts become larger and elastic fibres in the skin tear, showing red irregular marks on the skin surface. By regular massage with a moisturizing cream the elasticity of the skin is increased and the breast skin becomes soft and supple. Remember to remove bras at night. An underdeveloped breast is a matter of great concern for women, but massaging with a nourishing cream is the only remedy.

Choosing A Good Sports Bra

It is really important to wear a good sports bra when exercising regardless of the size of your bust. It will help to reduce breast pain and minimise 'sagging' in the future! But many women don't know how to choose the right style or size. Here are our tips for finding the right sports bra.

Make sure that the bra is specially designed for sports use. Most bras are not designed for the increased movement during exercise. If you want to use a non-sports bra you already own, make sure it has a 'firm support'.

Measure your size properly. Most of the women wear wrong size bras.</p> <p>- Check the bra strap. It should be firm but comfortable. If it is too loose the bra won't stay put, but too tight and it will be hard to breathe.

Check that the cups are the right size. If there is any bulging the cup size is too small, if the cups wrinkle the cup is too big. It is important to get the right cup size.

Supporting Your Breasts

Breasts have no muscles of their own and are only held up by the pectoral muscles&mdash;the muscles of the chest on which they lie. Extra support can be given by wearing a good bra. Most of the support that well-fitting bra gives to the breast should come from beneath and not from the straps. You can check this by slipping off the straps to see if the bra will stay in place without them. The back piece and the sides of a good bra should be in level with the front.

How to measure the Bra Cups

If the bra cups are creased all over, then they are too big for your breast size. To find out the correct size of the bra cup, first measure around your rib cage under your breasts. Then measure around the fullest part of your bosom at the level of the nipple. The difference between the two measurements will give you the cup size.

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